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For the Upcoming Vancouver Reading Circle – Contact Lucca directly using the pop-up box or the Contact Page.

Making a booking is easy. Click on the window on this screen to contact me and follow the instructions to find a time that works for you. I will get back to you as soon as I can to confirm. (Usually within 24 hours or a working day) You can book the following services:

  • Free exploratory conversations about psychic readings or my writing services
  • Free exploratory initial coaching session – 90 minutes
  • Free exploratory initial conversation about Power in Your Back Pocket retainer – 60 minutes
  • Readings – 60 minutes or mini-groups of 2-4 people (priced for the entire session and not per person)
  • Group Readings of between 6-15 people – hosting, registration or inquiries
  • Power In Your Back Pocket – Services on Retainer
  • Intuition Incubator registration – send me a message first – use the pop-up window on this page or go to the contact page
  • Event registration – send me a message first – use the pop-up window on this page or go to the contact page

** Profession Intuition Incubator – Level I – Please use contact page or Contact Pop-up to inquire about next start date


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