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will get you to where you want to be

As a personal coach, I am absolutely passionate about you, your potential, and helping you to empower yourself to live a full life. It’s that simple.

We can build on that foundation to empower families, communities, teams and organizations.

Would you like to …

remember the essence of who you are and have a steady light shone on it?
see beyond your current life to your potential?
dare to dream of success?
receive non-judgmental support?
receive caring, direct feedback that relates to your goals and your purpose?
receive support as you traverse one of life’s challenging passages?
be constructively challenged when you sell yourself short?
be seen and heard as you serve yourself and your goals?

Our Private Counsel sessions will…

build on your strengths and what you have already done and learned
help you to SEE yourself as a whole person with unique talents and your own inner knowing
be practical, constructive and with measurable goals, so you get to where you want to be
work just close enough to your growing edge to stretch you
help you to act in congruence with your values

 Link to…

I – Emergent Coaching – transforming something about yourself or your life

II – Coaching Beyond the Edge – moving beyond anything you have known before in order to change something about the world as we know it

III – Coach on Retainer – keep me on retainer for those quick calls for unexpected issues or opportunities

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