coaching beyond the edge

CoachingBeyondTheEdge-0566Your life experience has brought you to a place where you’re ready to use what you’ve learned about your talents and skills in order to be of service to the community in which you live and work. This package is about whole-life integration, utilizing all of who you are to fulfil your life’s mission. We will jointly design this package to meet your needs and hone your contribution. With this focus, you are a person who wants to contribute to reshaping the world, either individually, politically, organizationally, or in any other way that heals the planet.

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emergent & coaching beyond the edge packages…

3 hours/mo
over 4-6 months
Broken down monthly as you choose
Invoiced at the beginning of each month

Link to…

I – Emergent Coaching – transforming someting about yourself or your life
III – Coach on Retainer Package – keep me on retainer for those quick calls for unexpected issues or opportunities

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