personal psychic readings

~ Remember who you are.

A personal psychic reading gives you the opportunity to be seen at the deepest level of your being. Clients tell me that they come away feeling validated and empowered. My aim is to help you to connect with your Higher Self, the soul part of you that is just too big to fit into your ‘Earth Suit’ – that shell that we need in order to have all the wonderful experiences that this three-dimensional life affords. But make no mistake; we are multi-dimensional beings. Let me help you to remember this in your own unique way.

I offer readings in-person, or by phone or Skype. I also offer group rates which include from 2-4 people. Five people plus a host constitutes a Reading Circle.

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60 minutes – a full-length session that gives you enough time and space to explore what is unfolding in your life in some depth, including an opportunity to ask questions. Price is $175 CDN

90 minutes for two people – $265 CDN

90 minutes for three people – $265 CDN

2 hours for four people – $350 CDN


If you would like to host a circle of between 6 and 15 people, please contact me so we can have a chat. I’ll provide you with a flyer to post, I will help you to publicize the event, if you need it, and my thank you gift for hosting is a free hour-long reading at a later date.

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