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img_0296I wish I could have your intuitive counsel in my back pocket when I need it.

Introducing ‘Power in Your Back Pocket’

With my expertise ‘on retainer’ you have my professional service available to you when you need it, without having to hunt around, interview anyone or check references. It means having a short-cut to trust so we can get to the heart of the matter right away. It means that all of the groundwork has been laid so we can step right up to the effective working relationship.

How Is It Different from a Reading?

Quite simply, you get more! When I do a reading, I do most of the talking – with you asking a few questions for clarification. I don’t usually remember much of what I tell you. A reading is a snap-shot in time and perspective on the past and future as it pertains to that moment. It isn’t an ongoing relationship, with the continuity and ease – and this is.

I’m tracking what happens to you over time. I bring all of my skills to bear so you can utilize any of them, including my psychic abilities. I also bring life/professional coaching, management development, conflict facilitation, and counseling to the table. Any of these may be useful at any given time. A synergistic working relationship will appeal to you if you want to use your intuition in your life and professional setting. I’m right there behind you, to validate, reframe and help you to develop this valuable skill for yourself.

The Retainer

The 3 hours can be used all in one day to go deep and broad – OR – split them up into increments as short as 20 minutes for a quick reorientation or insight. Buy more hours only if you want or need to.


You can be in Vancouver or anywhere around the world that is reachable by phone or electronic means.

The Set-Up

If we haven’t already established a working relationship prior to my engagement, we will start with the Get Acquainted Package. This investment gives us 2.5 hours in the first month to get to know each other and develop our shorthand before we get down to work and accomplish something of value. Next, you’ll have two hours of Check-ins spread over two months. These are usually scheduled in 30-minute sessions every two weeks but can be customized according to your needs. We’ll get used to one another and start to get into a groove.

The Quarterly Retainer

If we’ve already worked together or once you’ve completed the Set-Up Package, we can get right to work. This is when your quarterly retainer takes effect, giving you an hour a month, or three hours over the quarter annum, to take advantage of having a psychic in your back pocket. I bring all my skills to bear and you can utilize any of them, including my psychic abilities. I can also provide coaching, management development, conflict facilitation and processing any personal blocks. Any and all of these may be appropriate at any given time.

Expressions of Interest

When you feel ready to explore the benefits and fit of putting Power in Your Back Pocket, please Contact me so we can arrange a free exploratory session.

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