~ beyond this point, there be dragons

offering empowerment through all my services…

navigating the map of your known self

I invite you to chart the edges of your life-map in the creative tension between your known and unknown self. This is sacred territory and I encourage you to linger here and savour the learning it offers.

My job is to pay attention to you, to be curious about you and to provoke your imagination and creative resources by observing and asking questions. Together we play with the tension that arises at the edge. I believe that we are even bigger than we think we are. Working with me will be an adventure into your whole self. Expressing who you truly are is your greatest gift and value in the world. Collectively, in organizations, we collaborate to express our common vision as a mosaic of our personal gifts.


psychic readings for awareness

I work with my powerful intuition, actively refined over the past twenty-five+ years, paying attention to myself as an instrument of laser-like insight into who you really are and what you are called to express in your life. Read more…

private counsel for personal empowerment

What I do could be termed ‘psi-coaching’. When the timing is right for us to work together, and you will know when it is, the Private Counsel contract usually involves some aspect of your empowerment, even if you are already powerful by society’s standards. We integrate the creative and the linear aspects of your expression so that you are working from your wholeness. Your inner compass will be your intuition, which we explore and reinforce over time. Read more…

power in your back pocket

Being able to ‘tune in’, hear your intuition, get validation and insight from my lifetime of psychic counsel, this could be a game-changer for you and your business. Put this power-booster in your back pocket this year! Read more…

psychic reading circles

click here for the free recording of my new year’s reading circle

Several times each month I am in and around Vancouver conducting reading circles where I channel and read groups of 6-15 people. These are hosted by individuals who love to have all that sizzling energy in their homes or meeting spaces. The 3-hour session builds powerful and insightful community. Read more…

professional intuition incubator

You’re probably using your intuition in your professional life more than you think you are. This monthly professional intuition development group meets for 9 sessions over a stretch of 9 months and helps you recognize your intuitive voice and use it to give you an advantage in your personal and professional life. Alumni can go even deeper through bi-weekly Master Sessions once you complete the basics. Read more…

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