Who coaches the coach? Who supports the professional who is providing the support to others?

It is my great joy to provide mentoring for your intuitive professional development so that you feel supported in your process and can in turn deepen the value you provide to others. This could be of value to you if you manage teams, facilitate group processes, as all or part of what you do, or if you guide the personal growth of others in any fashion.

Where do you need support?

Here’s how I can aid you in developing your professional skill in using your intuition to do what you do best:

Facilitating Workshops

If you teach other people skills and knowledge or if you facilitate personal development in groups, I can help you to gain a broader, deeper understanding of how energy works in a group setting and how to tap into it to use it for the greater good of the group’s members. Think of it as a preparation-handholding-debrief support for facilitators, that reveals new layers of understanding of group process and development.

Managing Teams

Instead of the focus being solely on the learning/development process, in this case I help you to understand what is happening energetically with the process of your team, as they get their work done with and through one another. Esprit de corps is truly about ‘spirit’ or ‘energy’. Build your intuitive awareness, along with a sense of what is going on in your group energetically, and you will be in a position to empower both yourself and the teams for which you have responsibility.

Personal Growth

Whether you’re a: coach; counselor; healer; trainer; management consultant; teacher; or indeed anyone who is involved in the one-on-one personal process and development of individuals, you can benefit from having a greater understanding of what may be going on beyond the technical, professional, physical or emotional level of your clients. Mentoring in this realm can help you to consider another layer of their and your process, often unearthing issues that can’t be explained in other ways. Sometimes processes and people get stuck because we’re not looking for the cause in enough places.

Professional Intuitive/Psychic

You may be a person who provides psychic/energetic/healing counsel to your clients, whether paid or unpaid. I have more than 30 years experience doing just this along with a wealth of insight to pass along to others who work in this unique profession.

Explore the next step

Contact me to set up a free exploratory session and to see whether I have any openings at the moment. We can chat about what you’re encountering or what’s missing for you, and intuit what we might be able to do together.

If we decide to work together, we will craft a unique engagement contract that meets your needs

Life is a journey and we never stop learning.

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