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She Who Knows

By the time I came of age, I knew that I was psychic. The year I turned 21, I was approaching an office building prior to a summer-job interview, when I looked at my reflection in the plate glass and had the thought that I was either crazy or I was very, very psychic. In a flash of insight, I decided that I was psychic – and I have never looked back. That was the beginning of my life-long quest to figure out how to manage my ‘intuitive abilities’ and make them useful.
  • Intergalactic insights – we aren’t alone in the Universe
  • Reflections on being psychic – observations, tips and skill-sharing
  • Intuitive ‘Flashes’ – powerful, succinct channeled insights
  • Empowerment – validation, reframing, choices & stepping up
  • She Who Knows blog/pod posts are archived here. I announce my posts in my weekly updates so you’ll want to be on my mailing list to be ‘in the know’.

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