Deconstructing ‘Our Essence Across Time & Space’ – Aug 2022

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A conversation with my guest Jennifer Anne Ellis, the facilitator of my channeled journey that was featured in Parts I & II of my She Who Knows Blog, ‘Our Essence Across Time & Space’. This is a behind the scenes peek at our take on the process; both as it unfolded and in hindsight.

I recommend that you read or listen to both of these prior to watching our ‘deconstruction’ in this broadcast. Here’s the link to the text and audio versions of Parts 1 & 2: She Who Knows Blog/Pod

Part 1 of 2

Have a taste of my channeled session where I travel across time and space and visit a space station… “I’m getting sucked right out – off the planet. I’m getting coughed up at the other end – floating around but in space. It’s very quiet. I’m bumping into the side of the spaceship. This door opens up and I’m inside. It’s like this giant garage door.”

Part 2 of 2

In part 2, I ‘unpack’ the symbolism of my channeling so that you can be party to how I interpret it. I don’t yet have all the answers but the process is illuminating, especially if you haven’t witnessed me ‘unpacking’ a dream, daydream or a channeling.

Jennifer Anne Ellis is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, among many other skills. You can find her contact info on the People/Services page of my website under the Community tab.

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This post is part of an ongoing series of Intergalactic Messages. In Oct 2019, I began an experiment with going into a light hypnotic state and seeing what I could find out from my Intergalactic team. Over the course of about 18 months, I repeated this process, with Jennifer Ellis as my guide. I will continue to share excerpts from these valuable and thought-provoking recordings.

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