Perspective from a Space Station – Part I

How much would you know if you knew what you knew?

~ Dr. Seuss

Listen to the audio version here at just over 16 minutes.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be on a space station? In Part 1 of ‘A Perspective from a Space Station’, I arrive on what appears to me to be a space station. I am then escorted to my working unit there and my observations begin. This first part of the channeled session includes an intriguing description of roles, decision-making and a different sort of work environment. Even all this time later, as I dive back into this material, I am comforted about who I am and what we’re all doing in this grand experiment.

In Part II, we get more detail and on a broader scale, providing comparisons between the station and Earth, and even the broader picture regarding other places in the galaxy.


I’m in the space station. There’s an arrival room. A feminine sort of being comes forward and she reaches a hand out toward to me. It’s vapour-like and feels cool. I feel the space station beings have already scanned me and they know who I am. She’s taking me into a big atrium where there are all kinds of people moving around – like a giant lobby. It’s not unfamiliar to me, in the way that any airport is an airport but it may be located in a different country. The space is filled with light. There are things that look like trees in big pots. There’s seating. People are gathered in groups and then there’s other areas where people are walking around. They’re not milling around – they’re going from A to B, as you would in a train station. They remind me of people in a train station but, if I look at them carefully, they’re dressed in all sorts of different garb. Some feel solid and some feel like energetic beings – but, altogether, they are intelligent and they move like bipeds.


Someone has come up behind me and there’s a warm hand on my shoulder – a friend, a person who lives here. The person feels masculine and is dressed in a tunic and a pant-like outfit. He’s got long hair that’s loose and has a beard. I think he’s old, however he appears ageless – but that’s true of me too. I’m wearing a tunic like his – sort of a soft grey colour and straight. It has knitted sleeves and pants – comfortable, loose, streamlined, like a uniform – but then I guess our blue jeans and sweaters would look like a uniform too. My physical form is a body with two arms and two legs. Our gender here is what we feel in the moment. The people are not gender-specific. People don’t sort for that here.


A welcome for me

A friend has come to greet me and I feel that we know each other. It feels like when you come back from a trip and someone comes to collect you at the airport. We don’t do names. It’s an energetic-imprint recognition rather than a name. There’s not a lot of noise. We don’t speak like we do on earth. It’s more like telepathy but we can still have a conversation. There’s an exchange going on between us. It’s like, “Oh hi, there you are. How was your trip?” It’s meant. It’s genuine. It’s not just fluff conversation.


He’s taking me somewhere – up – the space is like a city but it’s all inside; full of natural light. It feels like some sort of a station. In totality, the station can travel but its purpose is not for traveling. It doesn’t have a name. Instead, this place has coordinates. I can’t tell you what they are because that’s all done internally, like longitude and latitude. It’s so big that, if you’re arriving in it, you’ve got to arrive in the right place, otherwise you would be hiking for days to get to where you want to be.


Getting to where I’m going

Now I feel like I’m arriving on a higher level. My surroundings look like a subway but it’s very quiet and open here. The train-like vehicle moves people and things around. You don’t need it. Some people can bi-locate and others can’t. Those who can’t, have to travel around in a vehicle. We can just move ourselves with our minds, like we’re using our intention. We picture where we’re going and we’re there. It’s our belief system that allows some of us to do it and not others. Here we don’t travel with baggage – we don’t need to. Why would we drag anything with us? We manifest what we want. It’s not a world that’s based on material things. We don’t even think about them because we don’t use that organizing principle.


A command centre

We are going into a room that looks like a lounge, like an airport or airline lounge – an antechamber. Things aren’t organized as they are on Earth with houses and homes and apartments. I’m still on a public level. Where I am now is a space that is like a department within a business, except it’s not a business. We enter the space and there are other people in it who understand and accept what we’re doing. They greet me. They’re familiar with me and keep doing what they’re doing – with a common purpose, like a command centre for an enormous, ongoing project. Like a war room except there’s no war.


Common purpose

They assume that everyone who’s in the space knows what the purpose is. You wouldn’t go into a hospital and ask what the purpose of the hospital is and, in the same way, you wouldn’t ask here. There’s so much going on here that to ask would be like asking the purpose of a city, like Vancouver. People in that situation don’t ask what the purpose of a city is; they all go about their jobs every day and everybody’s job has something to do with how their city is running. They wouldn’t think daily about how their particular job helps the purpose of the city. Except, with these beings on this station, they do. They know. It’s clear, however it isn’t articulated, because they don’t forget. You don’t have to keep reminding yourself of something that you don’t forget.


My role

My role here is to be part of the interface. In the same way that I am up here and down on Earth at the same time, there are a lot of beings up here, who are also ‘down there’ on Earth. I sense that there’s an intelligence, a plan, a system, for what we’re doing down there, that we’re commanding from up here. So, when I am here, I touch in with the command centre perspective and we talk about things, while strategizing, tweaking and reassessing as we go. We make decisions and then I go back down to Earth.


Up here, there’s an awareness that sort of cloaks. Let me explain. These decisions and the strategizing aren’t what we do; it’s what we are. In our being, we’re doing. What I am informs what I do. What I do is reflected in an attitude of, ‘Oh, look what we produced here!’ It’s a by-product of what we’re actually doing. It’s like poop; we do what we’re doing, we process what we process and then we excrete the by-product. What we produce in the world is analogous to what we excrete, except, on earth, we see ‘poop’ as a distasteful thing. Poop is actually fecund; fertile. It’s a type of creation. On Earth, we grow things in it, we put it in the fields, it makes methane. We’ve labelled it as disease-carrying and negative but it isn’t. If the organism that produces it is healthy, poop is not unhealthy. What we produce on this planet is a delightful surprise. It’s creative ‘poop’. If we get out of balance, dissociated and unhappy, we create stinky poop.


The team

They see me pretty regularly up here. I have a team – they’re my community. Some are closer to me, so they know exactly where I’ve been and exactly when I’m coming back. Or they call me back, if they need me. I sense that I can be in two places at once. When I’m here, I meet with people and check in on projects. We have fun. ‘Fun’ is what we create together. It’s not ‘escaping’; it’s creating. Creating is what’s fun. There are a few people I know in my Earth community who are also up here. Some of them go to a different station than mine. We know each other on Earth but don’t interact up here – although, I could go to their station and they could come to mine – but we don’t.



We have a variation on professions up here but they’re hybrids of what we have on Earth. We have professional guilds on Earth, where engineers all wear a ring on their pinky finger. Up here, professions are more nuanced – more hybrid. There’s a teaching component to what they are and do. On Earth, we have traditionally separated teaching into classrooms at schools. Here, it’s more like communicating, which is part of everything.



So I’m a communicator and a teacher and a decision-maker, which are together recognized as a profession. Here, not everybody makes decisions; at least not the ones that affect huge numbers of people. On Earth, we elect people to go to a parliament or central seat of government, to participate. Those so-called representatives are supposed to be making decisions but mostly they lobby for power. Up here, we don’t lobby for power. We make decisions and the decisions have to balance out the best interests of all concerned. It’s a field of study. When you advance to this level, you have to be able to consider the needs of the greater whole. Decision-makers are multidisciplinary. You don’t have to be an expert in all disciplines but you do need to be an expert in eliciting or soliciting that information, combining it and weighing it. On Earth, we encode something in law and then it’s supposed to remain for all time. Up here, we’re trying to work towards something that is dynamic.


Dynamic decision-making

On the station, decisions are built to be dynamic. Every decision, and the principles behind each, are open to being influenced. Therefore, the decision-making process resembles a living organism that is constantly adjusting. Each has an in-breath and an out-breath, and a natural lifespan. When a decision is made, it is designed so that it can either come up for review after a short life- pan or it can have a longer lifespan and come up for review less frequently. As each decision reaches a certain threshold, it has scheduled check-in points, depending on the sensitivity of the factors that are involved.



This is something we have a hard time wrapping our heads around down on Earth because we see time as linear. Up on the station, these processes are giant, moving, and to some extent, self moderating, living entities. Each ‘decision-entity’ has a form of alarm, or alert, built into it. So if certain parameters are exceeded, an alert goes off. The alert triggers a body of people to come together to reassess. The system generates a number of options and the group approves or disapproves the options. If the options don’t work, or one of the parameters is changing, then the situation will require intervention. Many decision points, or check-in points, are self-moderating by the system. If enough key circumstances, change, the system sends out an alert that requires certain interests to come together to reassess.


Creative problem-solving

The assessment is handled like creative problem-solving so that it’s fun and dynamic. It’s not a place where everybody comes in and postures and sits on two different sides and hides information from one another. We don’t do it that way. I can see this whole decision making tree, similar to a virtual, computer-generated, transparent picture, that hangs and rotates in the middle of a big working space, so that you can see how all the decisions are connected to all the other decisions, in an intricate and dynamic web.


Let me leave you with a few questions to ponder…

  • Might you have had dreams, out of body experiences, daydreams or gone into any sort of altered state, that may have been your version of a space station?
  • How are you already living your life in a multi-dimensional way?
  • Is your professional/work life ‘hybrid’?
  • What resonated for you in this session?
  • Does what resonates validate some essential aspect of your ‘being’?


In Part II…

Look for Part II where we’ll explore comparisons between how things are viewed and executed on the space station and how we do things on Earth. I remind myself about who I really am and how to centre into my consciousness for the good of my Earth-self. It’s a shift in perspective which is beginning to sound very familiar!

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* * *

This post is part of an ongoing series of Intergalactic Messages. In Oct 2019, I began an experiment with going into a light hypnotic state and seeing what I could find out from my Intergalactic team. Over the course of about 18 months, I repeated this process, with Jennifer Ellis as my guide. I will continue to share excerpts from these valuable and thought-provoking recordings.

From: Recorded session on February 5, 2020

* * *

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