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AboutLucca-0626~ I am positively wired for empowerment

… Life is a unique adventure for each of us and it isn’t over until it’s over, and then it may continue in another realm. The only things that can truly go with us when we die are our experiences, what we’ve learned and how we’ve loved. BE-ing who we really are is empowering. It’s the stuff of ‘me-ness’ that will find a way to express itself, no matter what.

I have a way of getting at the truth; the truth of who we are, of what we really feel and of our great potential. Quite simply, we are each unique. I encourage and empower individuals to be self-ful and share their gifts so they ripple out to touch the world in a way that has heart.

Whether I’m engaged in Private Counsel, doing psychic readings for individuals, groups or organizations, running workshops, or having conversations with guests on my radio show, I help my clients to gain more awareness about all the different aspects of themselves.

With increased awareness comes the ability to see more options. With more options comes choice and therefore empowerment.

I provide a safe, non-judgmental space in which to work.

Life unfailingly provides the material.

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