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I slept so well last night and woke up this morning inspired and invigorated. Thank you for that amazing instruction on how to access my intuitive side in a way that my left brain can get behind, in action! You answered my question in a way I could not have imagined. So I realized this morning … your assistance (was) an answer to my prayer – a manifestation as it were! This is of course very encouraging to recognize and I can’t say enough how that helped me in so many ways, ways that I can see serving me as a tool in years to come! Thank you from the oceanic bottom of my heart.

SP, Vancouver

Lucca listens in a way that I rarely experience -and using her wisdom and inner knowing -­ she translates what she hears into a language I can completely resonate with. I feel secure enough that I can talk about any issues and there’s nothing I feel reticent or embarrassed to discuss with her. She engenders trust. I’ve been stretched beyond what I’m comfortable with and Lucca has been there to encourage and support me. Growing emotionally and spiritually is a continual challenge and I’ve always felt held and reassured by her.

Lucca’s professional skills and expertise in conflict management highlight her ability to adapt to any situation and group of people in a non-­?threatening and compassionate way. She expresses what needs to be said frankly and honestly in a way that can be clearly heard and understood.

Being given this gift of understanding is like the dark clouds dissipating, allowing the sunshine to stream through. It’s liberating, fun and makes me feel very alive.

RW, United Kingdom

Lucca’s gift for finding one’s own source of strength and inspiration has proved invaluable in planning and forecasting. The insights gained through her coaching have helped my business to focus on core strengths and to avoid overreaching before creating a strong, stable base. 100% recommended for personal or career coaching.

FP, Nanaimo, BC

Lucca is an amazing coach and intuitive (and you get both skill sets whether you hire her for life coaching or intuitive readings- what a deal!). She is an amazing listener, observer and knows how to tailor the coaching to suit the person she is working with. She’s taken me on many a journey to the edge and beyond … and each time I feel safe, supported and courageous enough to venture out there beyond my comfort zone. But you are sure to get the best for your investment if you come to Lucca when you are ready for not just change, but transformation. Lucca does depth coaching and she does it in a spirit of playfulness, responsive creativity and warmth. You can feel that Lucca trusts in and has faith that you have all the answers within- she sees the one you are becoming before you get there! Lucca has been skillful at helping me source and claim my own power and move towards a larger view of my self and my life in a way that feels grounded, exploratory and fun. Thanks Lucca for sharing your gifts.

SP, Vancouver

Lucca works at a transformational level. She is able to listen with a very deep understanding and notice what might not be obvious to others. Her insights and questions offer a transformational space for epiphanies and clarity to occur. I highly recommend Lucca as a coach for anyone that is interested in exponential growth in their personal or business life.

LD – Vancouver

I have had the pleasure of being coached by Lucca and can attest to the great power of her intuition and ability to make reflective statements and ask questions that seem to circumvent whatever story I’ve been telling myself and allow me to get straight to the heart of the matter. Lucca is a bold and kind soul who compassionately partners with her clients to assist them to see the incredible purpose of their lives here on earth. Her joy is contagious, her presence is supportive and encouraging, and her wisdom is beyond measure. I highly value the insights I have gained while being coached by her and recommend her without reservation!

RM, Vancouver


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