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Thanks to you I found my old self again. Such a relief! It feels like I have been reborn.

MS, Germany

Lucca inspired me in such a way that I am now living on another level, a higher level… so much so, that I finally “get it”… she opened the ceiling to the skies. Thank you, Lucca. You have no idea, and I thank you.

SO, Vancouver

Thank you for an inspiring and energizing session. I experience greater aliveness and commitment to completing my work tasks so that the new can enter. I am also present to readying myself for letting myself dream of what I do want, knowing the dream is coming true and how I can be in best contribution. Thank you for your inspiration, love and being a messenger that empowers me to be in best service.

CL, Vancouver

Lucca provided valuable input on several occasions over the last few years giving good advice in both private matters and career aspects. It was amazing that she is able to point out and assess a situation with very little input from (me). Her input was very useful and more than often her assessment of a situation proved to be right on the money.

HB, Luxembourg

The time I spent with Lucca was a wonderful gentle lift in the direction of letting my little light shine ever brighter as happens when I acknowledge my stuff and realise how bored I’ve become chewing the same old gum. ‘Trying’ has been a bit of a problem for me – like a caterpillar tractor stuck deep in the mud – the harder I try to get out the deeper it digs itself in. One thing Lucca said was “We can’t protect ourselves from ourselves” or as an old friend once put it “Nobody can scare me like I can”. I finally feel like my chess pieces are all on the board aligned properly and the game is ready to commence.

DJ, United Kingdom


Self-doubt can be a major demon for me. My friend Lucca Hallex once said that if I ever needed to be reminded of my awesomeness, to give her a call. I was having one of those moments recently and went for a reading with her: it was such a balm to have her support and be reminded of my purpose and value. The lesson: Be gentle with yourself, and ask for help from people who care about you: there’s no shame in it. We need to express our feelings for the people we care about more often: we would all be better off for it.

MS, Vancouver


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