Statement of Intent &
My Confidentiality Promise

Reading Circle Etiquette

Trust and safety are a given in my Reading Circles and so it is essential for all of us who participate that what is shared in the Circle stay within the sacred space of the Circle. I share this with you so that you know that your participation in my Reading Circle means that you agree to honour this implicit and explicit group trust. You are free to record at the event but I ask that you restrict the recording to what I say to the group as a whole and to you in particular. You may only record what I say to other group participants if they agree to it.

Private Readings

I honour your privacy and will not share the particulars of your reading outside of our session. I occasionally share the gist of wisdom accumulated in my practice for the purpose of instruction only, to illustrate a point of learning and not in any way that would ever identify any individual client, past or present.

Power in Your Back Pocket & Power Circles

In our coaching relationship, information may be shared that is proprietary, sensitive or requires discretion. It is part of our agreement that I will not share information that comes to light in the course of our relationship with anyone outside the bounds of our contract. I am dedicated to creating a safe space where you can be honest and bring to the table all of yourself, your concerns and your testing of possibilities, with complete confidence of confidentiality.

Privacy of Internet Connection

My Readings, Reading Circles, coaching sessions and facilitated group instruction are conducted over the internet in a private, non-public session. I have to trust the security of the Zoom connection that I use, and your participation in the group signifies that you are also trusting that the connection is as private as we have set it up to be.

Non-disclosure Agreement

For Power in Your Back Pocket contracts and the Power Circle program, we engage in a simple non-disclosure agreement.

Keep in Mind as I work with you…

Don’t take what I say to you to be more important that what you know to be true for yourself – I tell you what I do from my higher self to yours and in service to both of our highest good. What I tell you is not meant to replace qualified professional advice. Never give your power away to anyone else, including a professional. You are the only expert on you.

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