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Rebecca Mears and I partner to produce ESSENCEtial Conversations, a show dedicated to exploring the voice and purpose of societal shifters, unusual thinkers, and people who are pushing the edges of what we know and think is possible – uncovering the essence of change. The show features lively conversations with grass-roots change-makers in areas such as social justice, the environment and innovative thinking, all the while revealing their essence-tial selves that make it all possible.

You can find more information and previously aired shows on the ESSENCEtial Conversations website; listen live on Fridays in the Vancouver area, or via online streaming at

* During the COVID-19 situation…

Rebecca and I are continuing to broadcast but we are reorganizing to record our shows in advance and uploading them to the station. This may occasionally mean that we have to air a show from our archives.

If you’re looking for some interesting listening to while away your hours at home, you have free access to our archives through our website above. We currently have more than 250 shows available to you.


ESSENCEtial Conversations – funding
Giving Back via Hosting Campus and Community Radio

One of the ways I delight in giving back to my community is by co-hosting a weekly, hour-long radio show. You’ll find us on CJSF 90.1 FM, broadcasting from atop Burnaby Mountain, at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver. 

We are proud to say that in May 2020 we will celebrated 6 years on air. That’s 250+ episodes to date. CJSF is ‘campus and community radio’ which means it’s not-for-profit, just like public television. Our mandate is to serve our local and, often national, community by giving voice to the under-represented in our society. We unearth the unusual, the off-beat, the innovative, the ahead-of-its-time, and the just plain quirky and fascinating.

It has been our experience that, by inviting our guests to share their essence and passion on air, we benefit as much as our listeners. In fact, the guests also report that they come away from the show with insights and sometimes new contacts, resources, customers or clientele. We believe this is the essence of community exchange and we are honoured to be able to participate.

With the exception of a few key leadership positions, everything else about creating non-profit radio is handled by volunteers like us. We had to be trained and mentored from scratch! The station’s budget is limited and has traditionally come from student fees. In the belief that it is more responsible and proactive to diversify our funding, and for the 2rd time in the history of the station, for a week in October we will conduct our on-air Fundrive.

If you haven’t already tuned in to listen to our show, we encourage you to join us on Fridays from 5-6pm Pacific. If you’re not available then, we invite you to visit our free archives at: It’s all there for your listening pleasure – perfect for that road trip, sleepless night, delayed flight or just when you need to drop in on some inspiring conversation with local societal shifters and change-makers.

There are several ways to support us at CJSF: (we’re always happy to take a donation!)

• Make a donation – online at, OR by sending us a message here, OR by calling the CJSF pledge line at 778-782-2573

• Be part of our community by tuning in when we broadcast from 5-6pm pdt on Fridays, or by visiting our archives, or by suggesting a guest. (find what makes an ideal guest here: )

Our last line of every show represents our curiosity: “We wonder what’s around the corner”


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