Intuitive Skill-Building

You Too Can Speak ‘Intuition’

Two Unique Services to Hone Your Intuitive Skill & Boost Your Confidence

  • Power In Your Back Pocket – 1 on 1 coaching to access your intuitive superpower
  • Power Circles – build intuitive community and amp up your skill in a supportive personal and professional group setting

Learning how to speak intuition…

Since 1988, I have delighted in using my intuition to problem-solve and to create. I operate in a constant cycle of learning and teaching what I learn. 

Alchemy is the process by which we transmute lead into gold. Similarly, I have spent my life turning the ‘unknown’ of my intuition into the ‘known’. Together, we can do the same for you.

Both forms of coaching are designed to empower you to access and make constructive use of your authentic intuitive voice.

What about at work?

Learning to work with your intuition is invaluable in your personal life but what about professionally? If you work…

  • one-on-one, as with a psychotherapist, coach, consultant or provider of a professional service such as photography, web site design, architecture or interior design, or marketing
  • in groups, as with a group facilitator, workshop leader, team leader or instructor/teacher/trainer
  • in a healing capacity, as with a chiropractor, doctor, medical technician, massage therapist, acupuncturist, hypnotherapist or physiotherapist
  • in a purely intuitive capacity, as with a reader or psychic
  • as a diagnostician of any kind, whether of people-related conundrums or mechanically-based ones such as engineering

You’ll benefit from having intuition in your back pocket as an essential tool.

Find out whether developing your intuitive muscle is what you’ve been searching for…

Power in Your Back Pocket

niche coaching for your intuition

Power Circles

learning about your intuition in active community

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