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I invite you to read what I’ve shared here about why I support these five organizations and find out a little more about me as you do. I support others as well – it’s just that these are top of my list and closest to my heart.

Friends of the Vancouver Public Library

I’m a card-carrying Friend of the library and have been for about 20 years. I’ve consistently had a library card since I was seven years old. I would have had one sooner but that’s how old I was when we finally had a public library in my neighbourhood.

I’ve always said that if the aliens landed and wanted to know about humanity on our planet, all they would have to do, assuming they could read, is visit the libraries of the world. I believe that providing our communities with access to one another’s ideas, history, skills, news, science, arts, educational material, opinions, humour, etc., is the mark of the health and resilience of civilized society.

We fund public libraries with our taxes and the Friends organization is vigilant about supporting, monitoring and defending this public right.

Quest Food Exchange

Just as libraries feed our minds and souls, organizations like Quest Food Exchange address our basic human right to eat quality, affordable and sustainable food that nourishes our bodies and keeps us healthy. As they say on their website:

Quest redirects quality  food from every branch of the local food industry that might otherwise go to waste. Food is then sorted, processed, and redistributed to organizations and people who need it most.


Think globally and act locally. Avaaz is a lean, online web movement that is ‘bringing people-powered politics to decision-making everywhere’. Each year, they ask their supporters to vote on which issues we would like the team to focus on. The team provides reliable, balanced information on important-to-us issues and figures out who influences and makes the pivotal decisions about them. Then they circulate on-line petitions that state what we desire to see change and they invite us take action on them. We can also initiate our own petitions. They’re heading for 59M members worldwide and I’m one of them.

CJSF Radio

CJSF Campus and Community Radio is the host station for our radio show, ESSENCEtial Conversations. Radio that supports marginalized and vulnerable voices and interests in our community is a theme that is similar to me to that of public libraries.
Our tagline is: Diverse, Independent, Yours.


Wikipedia is a platform that provides a forum for free, open-access, collaborative information without commercial interference. Knowledge and information are dynamic and ever emerging so I believe that our information sources need to reflect that reality. This organization embodies the democracy of knowledge. I use it as often as I use my dictionary – which is a lot!

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