Lucca’s Story

By the time I came of age, I knew that I was psychic. The year I turned 21, I was approaching an office building prior to a summer-job interview, when I looked at my reflection in the plate glass and had the thought that I was either crazy or I was very, very psychic. In a flash of insight, I decided that I was psychic – and I have never looked back. That was the beginning of my life-long quest to figure out how to manage my ‘intuitive abilities’ and make them useful.

My journey has involved constant trial and error, self-examination, reading, listening and teaching others what I’ve learned. Increasing my awareness in this way has expanded my options and made me feel personally and professionally more empowered. I can navigate my life better by seeing more choices and consequently making more balanced decisions.

Increase my awareness
Expand my options

Empower myself

I’ve discovered that I like this side of myself and delight in using it to create, problem-solve and help others, which I have done since 1988. Alchemy is the process by which we transmute lead into gold. Similarly, I turned the ‘unknown’ of my intuition into the known – and then shared it with others. 

Combining practicality
with spirit and intuition

To my everlasting surprise, I graduated with a hands-on management degree in hospitality and tourism at a polytechnical university. I had never pined for a career in business; instead, I had always been interested in psychology, communication and writing. So, I suppose it’s not surprising that I landed in Human Resources, doing what was called Employee Relations but that included a large measure of what we now term ‘coaching’, formally moving into Management Development several years later.

What to do when you don’t fit…

After nearly a decade in the corporate world, I was burning out. I found myself questioning the existing business paradigm at every turn – and it was uncomfortable. In my fourth job and my third organization, at increasing levels of complexity, responsibility and pay, it was clear that a drastic change was in order. The psychic side of me, that had heretofore remained confined to a ‘safe’ box, was chafing to participate and would not stay locked outside my professional life. My inability to conform was apparently not something I was going to grow out of and I was not professionally fulfilled.

I took the valuable organizational, instructional and strategic skills, that I had acquired, and reoriented to my earlier interest in psychology. After spending my twenties in the corporate world, I invested my thirties in developing an eclectic combination of counseling, group facilitation and conflict facilitation, alongside a 4-year contract where I was charged with documenting curriculum for a new business start-up incubator for entrepreneurs. Next, I moved to the UK, travelled, studied and worked extensively in Europe and learned even more.

Reinventing my career…
My 20s – biz & organizations
My 30s – small biz, counseling & group facilitation

Through engaging in continual self-reflection, I was beginning to appreciate that I am a combination of an autodidact and a mentee to more experienced professionals, who have been willing to share their skill and wisdom with me. I owe them a debt of gratitude and I try to pay it back by mentoring others myself.

Owning what it means to be truly psychic – stepping into my wholeness. It was also in my late twenties and through my thirties that I stepped up to my wholeness by recognizing what being psychic truly means and putting it to practical use professionally. Gone was the divider between the two. I began by doing psychic readings in groups and quickly moved to hour-long private readings. This work has been a constant thread in my life since 1990. I loved and still love the constantly evolving landscape of this ‘edgy’ work.

In 2011, I completed the Coaching certification process, as set out by the International Coaching Federation, and then defined my unique coaching niche. I have come to appreciate the strong strategic-thinking component to what I do. I validate others as I recognize and analyze how the patterns of individuals, groups and organizations play out, under the surface, in our collective ‘blind spot’. I constantly scan to discover patterns, inconsistencies, incongruence, disruptions, opportunities and the glimpses of the ‘shiny stuff’ in people. 

I’ve discovered that for me, work is play.

In the corporate world, my favourite times of the work day were conversations at the water cooler, over lunch and during coffee breaks. Informal conversations are my playground but, in my time in the corporate world, that was often perceived as wasting time. The strategic thinker in me engages with the ‘psychic over-seer’ to create a unique, challenging and rewarding combination of gifts, that has often put me at odds with the norms around me.

And, as within, so without. I can do this scanning and searching outside myself only to the extent that I can do it inside myself. I am essentially a life-long learner. I search within, check with my intuition and my guides to learn about myself and, almost immediately, these gems become what I share to great effect with my clients. I have to keep my awareness honed to do this but it is in fact what makes my heart sing.

I needed professional maturity before I could truly own it for myself and then be able to represent it to my clients in a way that put it to best use. Not only do I do my best coaching when I engage and share my intuitive understanding but it is natural to extend that to coaching my clients to do the same.

Strategic thinking and constant learning would be less than satisfying to me if I were not simultaneously relating to my community. My work begins and ends with relating; with myself and with those around me. I thrive on the dynamics of people who are learning, growing and challenging themselves at the edge of who they know themselves to be.

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