Out of Town

I like to travel out of town to reach those of you who don’t make it to Vancouver to have in-the-flesh contact with me.

Here’s what’s possible

When I travel out of town, I offer public talks, Private Readings and Reading Circles. There are a few places in Canada and Europe that I get to regularly and I’m also open to invitations. (NB: my travels are on hold for the duration of the COVID-19 social distancing.)
You can link here to learn more about Readings and Reading Circles.

How do I choose where to go?

I like to spread the energy web really wide so that we can connect as many of us ‘Edgedwellers’ as possible. Two things influence where I go to offer my services:

Relationship: I believe that like attracts like. Out of town destinations usually appear in the form of invitations from like-hearted souls and I can ‘feel’ which of these I should follow. So much of my clientele comes through referrals and the selection of my out of town destinations comes in the same way. You will ‘just know’ about whether to invite me to your town or city.

Energy: My guides tell me where I’m supposed to travel and when. I’ve learned to notice the energetic clues about flow and connection – and it’s clear to me that I’m supposed to travel to certain places at certain times.

Here’s how it happens…

  • Someone like you approaches me for an exploratory conversation.
  • If it sounds and feels like a good fit, you extend an invitation to me.
  • Either you become the host/organizer for the trip or we find someone who is happy to engage in the role. If you think you might like to be a host/organizer in your area, please reach out and we can have a chat. Chatting with me does NOT obligate you to extend an invitation. Being a host/organizer is a paid role.
  • We set a date, usually at least two months and sometimes as much as a year down the road, and then we schedule the engagement process so that interested folk can begin to register/ book.

Explore with me now…

Upcoming out of town trips…

Whitehorse, Yukon – postponed until the COVID-19 travel restrictions are lifted

Calgary – postponed until the COVID-19 travel restrictions are lifted projected for Spring of 2022

Scotland – projected for 2022 (TBC)

Germany – currently looking for a host/organizer for Frankfurt/Nuremberg/Hamburg/Trier and possibly other regions – projected for 2022/23 


Private Readings
Psychic Reading Circles

for 10-15 people for 2-3 hours

Private Readings
Psychic Reading Circles

for 10-15 people for 2-3 hours

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