Private Readings

A deep, insightful, laser-like snapshot of where you are right now, revealing what might be getting in your way and what to enhance to make your life more rewarding.

Maybe one of these applies to you…

A Reading validates what you have suspected, wondered about, maybe even hoped, but were unsure about. It validates you. A Reading also helps you to reframe what you’re dealing with in your life so that you can see more choices. Being at choice results in your feeling more empowered.

Here’s how it works

You come to me with your intention – what you need/want/desire, your reason for booking the session.

I tune in to you, to the situation you’re dealing with, energetically, psychically.

I talk to you about what I find. You listen.

Then we’ll see what your questions are and we’ll answer them. You’ll feel seen, validated and empowered.

Set up your reading…

You can book your Reading now or you can start by booking a 15-min Exploratory session to chat with me about what a Reading entails. This won’t be an actual Reading but an explanation of the process with NO OBLIGATION or pressure to book afterwards.

Or if you’re ready, you can book a reading below.

Psychic Reading Circles

for 10-15 people for 2-3 hours

out of town
Out of Town


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