Reading Circles

Magic happens and the energy multiplies exponentially, when groups come together with the common purpose of empowerment. Always! Participate in a circle of 10-15 people. Ask me about hosting a circle.

A reading circle is…

In a Reading Circle you get a rare glimpse into what intuition is and how I do what I do. Following that, I move around the Circle, giving each person laser-like insights into what is going on in their life and what may no longer be serving them. We have time for each person to ask a question or two.

We create exciting and heartening synergy as you gain inspiration from what I say to everyone in the circle. You bear witness to the ‘ah-ha factor’ of what I read for your friends, so you can remind them later, when they forget what I told them or forget how special they are. We call this bearing witness to people’s ‘shininess’. A Circle can be online or in-person and lasts for between 2-3 hours, depending on the size of the group. Everyone stays together for the whole session. We laugh, we sympathize, we see ourselves in others and sometimes we cry – because it’s moving and powerful to be seen on such a deep level.

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If you think you might like to host a Reading Circle of 10-15 people. There’s no pressure or obligation to commit to hosting a Circle – this is just an informal chat. Ask about the benefits of hosting and the participant discounts offered for future Private Readings.

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