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Power Up Your Intuition

Lucca Hallex
International Psychic & Power Sourcerer – announcing my upcoming

Power Circle – developing your intuition in active community (a special online program)

Now accepting applications for the Power Circle
running from June 2020 to May 2021
6 spots available

Special ‘Social Distancing’ pricing options – only for the 2020 on-line Circle


This is a robust, power-house option for you if you’ve been wanting to turbo-charge your intuitive skill and awareness.
Is a Power Circle right for you?

Do you work:

  • one-on-one… as a psychotherapist, coach, consultant or provider of a professional service such as photography, web site design, architecture or interior design, or marketing?
  • in groups… as a group facilitator, workshop leader or instructor/teacher/trainer?
  • in a healing capacity… as a chiropractor, doctor, medical technician, massage therapist, acupuncturist, hypnotherapist or physiotherapist?
  • in a purely intuitive capacity… as a reader or psychic?
  • as a diagnostician of any kind… whether of people-related conundrums or mechanically-based ones such as engineering?


You’ll be interested in joining an online Power Circle if your intuition won’t go away, is a joy and a mystery, and/or is intrusive/disquieting. I promise that once you pay attention and experiment with what arises, you’ll begin to feel more comfortable and empowered. Furthermore, working with the five other like-minded professionals in our Circle will help you to normalize what you’re experiencing and give you the support you desire.


Just by reading this, you KNOW whether your intuition is already shouting to be heard.

Click here if you’d like to know more about the program.

I’ll send you the package of information and/or you can register below for my free Q&A session next week. The package includes:

  • An overview of my Power Circle
  • The program design & learning styles
  • What outcomes to expect
  • My philosophy in a nutshell
  • Policies – including payment, appointments/changes & completion
  • Pricing & next steps


This program is for you if you want practical, solid results. I am dedicated and uniquely qualified to lead you in:
• discovering and strengthening your intuitive ability
• power-boosting your skill and confidence in using it in your personal & professional life

Join one of my two 30-min Zoom Power Circle Q&A sessions about the upcoming Jun 1st kick-off. Choose between:

Mon Apr 27 at 7:30pm Pacific Time or

Wed Apr 29 at noon Pacific Time

Contact me to register free of charge. Let me know if you can’t make either of these two dates. If there are several of you, I will schedule another session, and if not, I’ll talk to you individually.

You’re Hand-picked

This invitation is going out to a select few of you in my network. I’ve hand-picked you because I know that you already know that you’re intuitive. You’re hearing about this before anyone else and will get first option to join the program.

In support of those of you who have been financially affected by the Corona Virus, I am offering very special pricing/payment options which will apply to the entire, year-long program. Ask me about it now.

Put this unique time of social distancing to the best use possible by shifting your skills up to a multi-dimensional level!

You can reach me through the pop-up on this page or through my contact page.

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