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Hello my lovely edge-dwelling community.

I’m rolling out two new services for the duration of our virus-induced isolation and I’ve made radical changes to my rate structure. We’re all in this together and even when cash-flow gets strapped, we are still rich in talents, experience and time. 

For the foreseeable future, we find ourselves in the global storm of the COVID-19 virus. Although I knew something was coming, I didn’t know that it was going to be a virus. My guides have been focused on telling me that we are entering a huge global shift, instead of telling me what would precipitate it. In fact, in my Year Ahead Channelling, they said it would hit us at the beginning of the year. January 1st came and went and I couldn’t figure out why nothing had happened! Little did I know. It was already under way in China.

I believe that the changes that will come about as a result of the virus are necessary and will ultimately prove to be invaluable – and that is what my guides have been telling me for years now. Having said this, it still makes me very sad that some of us are ill and that families and communities are losing loved ones.

I’ve been really touched by the generosity of my community, both local and global. Both individuals and organizations have been stepping up to the plate, offering what they can for free, or for a reduced charge. People who work in essential services – and who knew grocery stores would fall into that category! – are making sacrifices to look after the rest of us. Everyone I know is showing up for their community and keeping an eye on those who are potentially at risk. It warms my heart.

Two New Services…

In the spirit of offering what I can for everyone in my edge-dwelling community, I’m rolling out two new services:

‘Ask Lucca’ Live:

On Saturdays at 1:30 Pacific time, for as long as we are all in the thick of self-isolation, I will do an Ask Lucca Live session on Facebook. Message me one pressing question and I will answer it live on a first-come-first-served basis. Send me a question even if you can’t make the live session. I post the recording afterwards and you can return to listen to it later. To listen live and to get reminders and updates, Friend me on Facebook and ask to join the Ask Lucca Live group. See you on Saturday!

Ping Mini-Readings:

Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays, at the times on my Booking page, until we’re clear of these isolating restrictions to our work and movement, I will be offering Ping Mini-Readings for $30 CDN, with a limit of 2 questions per session. I’ll do them electronically and you can book your time through the website. Use the Booking page and make sure to send me your 2 questions.

*As we go along, I will assemble the answers to commonly asked questions into a FAQ page.

Hopefully these offerings will help all of us to navigate this extraordinary global challenge and opportunity.

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My Radical Rate Change as an Act of Faith – Link here for my blog post

Opportunities in this Time of Great Challenge

Some Background…

In the early 1990s, I joined a barter system in the Highlands of Scotland. The system wasn’t perfect but I valued the principle behind alternative economic systems, then, as I do now. The area that was economically challenged so there was need of my services but not everyone had the cashflow to pay for them. I elected to take part-payment in barter units.

The community in which I lived and worked was full of people trying to find creative ways to move their resources around, whether that was garden produce, sharing expertise, ride/car-sharing, childcare, housing, car repairs or a myriad of therapies. I really wanted to offer my services by donation as some other people did but, at the time, this practice kept us at subsistence level. That was 25 years ago.

The opportunity today…

So here I sit, contemplating a pandemic and a world facing economic upheaval – what I see as an opportunity to radically change the way we organize our human systems on our planet. We don’t know how long this state of affairs is going to last and, as with so many of you, my cash flow is precarious.


If I’m courageous, it means I have the opportunity to make some different choices than I have so far in my life. If this virus is going to change life on this planet as we know it, and I believe in my bones that it is, that this is ‘The Shift’, then today, right now, I’m putting my faith in all of us.

I’ve made a decision…

For the duration of the time that we have to spend in isolation, dealing with the fall-out of the this isolation, I’m stepping up and stepping out. I am changing how I charge for my services. I’m doing this as an affirmation of a shift into the new multi-dimensional paradigm of which I have been speaking for decades.

My only fixed rate is at the lowest level; my Ping sessions. I hope the Mini-Reading gives you a chance to see whether you’d like to commit to anything more.

My new rates:

Psychic Readings

15-min Ping Mini Readings: $30

60-min Private Readings: by donation (you tell me what you would like to pay and I will invoice that amount)

• Reading Circles: are taking place on-line for the time being – contact me for a chat about hosting one

‘Ask LuccaLive’ weekly mini channeled public sessions FREE – Held on Facebook Live on Saturdays at 1:30pm pacific time. Send me your question ahead of time and I will answer it on-air on a first-come-first-served basis.


Power in Your Back Pocket – Coaching to find & develop your intuitive voice

3-month contracts – Link here for more information

Pay what you can and how you can. Tell me what you can afford and include barter/exchange options if you have any. We’ll intuit what works for both of us.

Contact me to set up a free Exploratory Session online

Power Circles: 1 year commitment

I’m collecting a list of people who are interested in participating in this year-long program that builds intuitive awareness, skill and community.

By donation including barter/exchange options

Contact me to set up a free Exploratory Session online


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