I’m making some changes to what I charge and how I charge for my services and why.

During the COVID-19 isolation and the recovery time afterwards, I’m giving you easier access to working with me, for Readings, Power in Your Back Pocket coaching around using your intuition and support for your intuitive journey. But more than that, I’m stepping up to be part of changing the existing paradigm.

What this means for you is more options in the way we arrive at a price that works for both of us. Don’t hold off on working with me if the only reason is that you don’t believe you can afford it. You may be richer than you think, in non-cash ways. When you work with me, payment is also intuitive!


The part of me that deals with the 3-dimensional (3-D) world is conscientiously washing my hands and socially isolating. I’m getting lots of stuff done at home, adjusting my work so that I can serve my clients online with even greater ease, and trying to connect with my community virtually. We’re resourceful and creative and we can deal with this.

Secondly, an opportunity for change…

The multi-dimensional, Intergalactic, paradigm-shifter part of me is stepping up and responding to the opportunity that this pandemic is providing. I didn’t know that a virus could be the catalyst for global shifts in how we do everything but the resulting push for timely changes on the planet can’t be ignored and, frankly, it’s a relief. To be sure, this part of me that sees an opportunity is concerned about the very serious nature of this pandemic at the same time.


Since the early 1990s, I’ve been trying to figure out how to create a rate structure for what I do that allows me to provide the variety of services that are in my wheelhouse, while also being able to meet my financial needs. I’ve always offered a variety of price points and delivery options in order to make myself accessible to people of different means.

An alternative economic system is on the way…

I’ve investigated and experimented with ‘alternative economic systems’, both conceptually and in practice. I choose that term deliberately because I see it as being different from simply replacing currency-based payment with a substitute value-holder. If you’d like to learn more about the nuances of the two, I highly recommend you visit Fourth Corner Exchange and look at their thoughtfully curated resources.

Starting now…

My guidance is telling me that NOW is the time for me to make the shift into a pricing system that I truly prefer. I KNOW that some folk have the means to pay enough to support my livelihood. With my expenses covered and my needs met, I can also provide my services to the people whose means might not be as great right now. I’m stepping away from ‘market rates’ and into both of us using our intuition to guide us in what feels right energetically.

My experiment: intuiting what to pay…

For at least the duration of the current virus isolation period, I will only have a fixed rate for my Ping Mini-Readings. For the rest of my services, we can discuss payment options. You might identify with one of the following ways to pay:

  1. Stay as is: Some of you won’t be comfortable with a new system so I can just tell you my rate and you can pay it. Simple.
  2. Sliding Scale (sort of): For those of you who like to have a benchmark so that you can feel comfortable knowing that you’re within a certain ball-park price range, I’m happy to share what I have been charging.
  3. Paradigm Shifters: Some of you will be comfortable with intuiting an amount, or you have an idea of what to offer as whole or partial barter, or you have an idea for payment terms. You’ll share that with me and we’ll come to an agreement.

Lets go deeper… building trust & supporting intuition

This system of determining value and making an exchange with me is extremely trust-dependent. It means that we both need to feel into the service and the relationship, be candid about value and take a risk to share our thoughts. We do this together, in the belief that an open discussion in our relationship invites us to do three things:

  1. search for and use a heightened level of intuition regarding an exchange of value
  2. have the courage to trust one another enough to share what our intuition tells us
  3. respond to the same from the other person, allowing for any minor discomfort as we search for a price that ultimately feels right for both of us

Take a deep breath… and jump!

This is an experiment and I’m feeling my way along just as you will be. Or maybe you’ve done this before and you have wisdom to share. I’m jumping into the waters of an emerging economic shift. Will you jump alongside me?

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