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Power in Your Back Pocket

You (Lucca) taught me that tuning in with accuracy to the higher perspective, one is able to see for oneself. You see the truth of a person and speak to them on that level. You’ve certainly made me feel seen and grounded. You see beyond the light and fluffy stuff and are willing to take people to that place.


You are a very keen observer and focused listener. You are sincerely committed to helping people heal and grow. With an added touch of creativity, and humour, you make learning a very fun process. You help people connect with their spark. You gladly share your years of experience, wisdom and dedication. After spending time with you, I leave feeling open, energized, and inspired to stay on the path to growth.



You’re not afraid to talk about ETs!



You are calm, compassionate and clear. I have experienced your ability to connect the dots for people; your ability to help others see a different perspective; your ability to sense heart-based choices over head-based ones; and finally, your ability to communicate with spirit(s). 


You work with sparkle, a sense of humour, gentleness, playfulness and compassion. 


Lucca, you have one foot in this world and one in the other and yet you are capable of being in both places at the same time. You also have insight into complex situations. I feel that the corporate world really needs your skills.


I have experienced your clarity, smarts and your friendly way of teaching. You have a diversity and a depth of knowledge and experience to bring to bear to any situation – you’re brilliant, actually! I like your perspective on “everything is perfect and is a source of information” along with your quirky sense of humour that fuels connectedness. You are a wise intuitive who relies on supporting people and reflecting people’s strengths back to them and an awesome listener which helps one feel seen and heard in a deep way. You have a big generous heart with a precision in your analytical skills.


I appreciated your ability to talk hard truths in a positive way. You show empathy and patience, when required, and ‘impatience’, when required!


You combine grounded knowing, experience and humble honesty.

efficient • thorough • accurate

I found Lucca to be precise, honest, direct and to the point. It is refreshing to work with somebody with such great clarity on any given situation and be able to speak about it in that moment. Everything was executed in a timely manner during the intuitive coaching course including starting and ending times in the sessions, very professional. She has an open and accepting personality with all those with whom she comes into contact with a nurturing and caring aura.


You have a depth of wisdom that is also playful. I believe you are ‘Communicating “inspired” messages for empowerment’ through ‘Intuitive Coaching and Love!!’


Lucca listens and gives solid feed back because she naturally can laser in on a particular issue. Everything she teaches, shares or leads comes naturally, is down to earth and really fun, kind and compassionate. She listens to a problem or challenge and offers concrete solutions and ideas to to resolve the issue. She has diverse experience in corporate coaching, psychic readings and counseling. This makes her unique and why I personally have enjoyed my work with her. Totally different than anyone I’ve worked with. She leads from her heart with honesty, compassion and lots of fun.


Lucca, you calls ‘em like you sees ‘em, with empathy, kindness, creativity.

Power Circles

I have had the wonderful opportunity of knowing and working with Lucca for several years now, and the gift of her intuitive wisdom and passion for empowering people with a deeper connection to their inner guidance has touched my life in many tangible ways.

In the past I often struggled with trusting my intuition. Lucca provided me with some powerful tools and training in her Intuition Incubator course (Power Circle) which have helped me to tune in and trust, and distinguish more clearly the ways that my intuition speaks to me.

Lucca is a natural coach and facilitator with a wonderful ability to create a safe and fun group setting for learning. The personal attention and feedback that she gives to each participant in her course is also so valuable. I highly recommend her to my own clients who are ready to expand their lives in the ways their inner guidance will lead them.

– Jill Boadway, Professional Intuition Incubator (precursor to Power Circles), Vancouver, BC


I have had readings with psychics for decades – in Canada, the States and the U.K. Without any hesitation whatsoever, I would highly recommend Lucca for your next reading.

She’s a highly intelligent person and very articulate. That definitely helps. Her accuracy is excellent and it fits one’s current needs. It’s not just some extra, superficial bumpf about your personality. She’s always kind and loving in what she has to say.

Maybe that’s because she’s a person with real integrity, lots of life experience and definitely “walks the talk”. She’s been working on her personal development for many years. Clearly this influences the quality of the information that she is able to receive and pass on to you.

Last but certainly not least, I always appreciate how practical her guidance is. Not only do I leave feeling better about myself, I know what I have to do to move forward in any area of my life. At the same time, she certainly has a deep respect for her client’s free will and doesn’t push one to do anything. There’s lots of understanding and much encouragement.

A reading with Lucca is a marvellous investment in you and your life.

– Annabelle McCorquodale, Private Reading, Vancouver, B.C.

(Lucca) sees my process and supports me knowing that I use my intuition as my guide. Working with Lucca has definitely strengthened my intuitive “muscles”. I appreciate her support and acknowledgement for the work that I do! (She) is real and honest. I fully enjoy our conversations that go very deep yet are also lighthearted. Lucca uses visuals when necessary. Mostly I enjoy the channeling and messages and confirmations I receive. It felt multidimensional. Like I was healing on many different levels and I also left feeling lighter and worry free. It was like taking a spotlight on a specific situation and gradually pulling it further away to light up the bigger picture.

– April Bellia, Private Reading, Vancouver, BC


Lucca is highly in tune, a master of her gifts, wise beyond dimensions and a joy to commune with. She delivers the straight goods in a playful way and what she has shown me about my own gifts has positively and profoundly impacted my life. Thank you Lucca for guiding me to turn my power on! 

– Crystal Coté, Private Reading, Vancouver, BC 

I’ve worked with Lucca in both a private and group setting and on all occasions felt like I was being shown something profound that I would otherwise have missed or not thought of. I have also had my deepest intuitions confirmed which opened the doorway to decisive action and deeper insights. Lucca is both practical and also completely mystical in her intuitive readings. I have gone away and had major aha moments even weeks later. With Lucca’s readings I’ve received valuable connections to places I was unsure of going on my own.

 – Glynnis Osher, Private Reading & Reading Circle, Vancouver, BC

Working with Lucca

Lucca is a good person, that is what I knew when I first saw her face on her website. It’s important if you’re going to open your heart and ask for help, it is essential. Working with Lucca I felt deeply cared for. I worked with Lucca over a period of time and what I have taken (away) that is most precious to me is a deeper listening to what I know to be true. She pushed and encouraged me to listen to me! 

– L.D., Vancouver, BC

After my session with Lucca my predominant emotion was feeling a great deal lighter.  I was stuck in the same old thought pattern but actually I finally realised that what I thought was my issue was not actually the problem. All of what Lucca told me resonated with the many experiences I have had – inner and outer – and so it was verification for me of what was coming through. I hadn’t been able to see the wood for the trees.

Lucca enabled me to have a crystal clear view of my life from way outside the box. Having looked at life through the ‘spiritual’ eyeglass for over 40 years, I’ve developed some deep-rooted discernment. Lucca’s reading showed me the many things that, whilst in my awareness, looked like chess pieces still strewn in their box.

I’m very much aware that we’ve arrived in ‘wild times’ on our planet and we can’t continue with the same course of action. A change must happen. I need to stop my struggle and accept the absolute simplicity of it all. In a nutshell, anger, hate and fear create more of the same, just as kindness, joy and compassion do. Every day I consciously make the choice to be happy but by making this decision I am in some way allowing and agreeing to the arising of situations. Lucca helped me to see these unresolved issues far more clearly so that I can finally learn to heal them.

The time I spent with Lucca was a wonderful gentle lift in the direction of letting my little light shine ever brighter as happens when I acknowledge my stuff and realise how bored I’ve become, chewing the same old gum. ‘Trying’ has been a bit of a problem for me – like a caterpillar tractor stuck deep in the mud – the harder I try to get out the deeper it digs itself in. One thing Lucca said was “We can’t protect ourselves from ourselves” or as an old friend once put it “Nobody can scare me like I can”.

I finally feel like my chess pieces are all on the board aligned properly and the game is ready to commence.

– Davy Jones, Scotland, UK

Reading Circles

I first met Lucca at a reading circle hosted by a colleague, and have since worked with Lucca twice more. Being quite skeptical about these sorts of things I was hesitant and a bit resistant about the initial reading circle, but what I discovered was not that Lucca was out to tell me my fortune, but that information that I needed to hear – whether I wanted to or not – came to me at the reading circle, and at all of the readings I have had with her since. Lucca has encouraged me to trust my own intuition, simply by confirming so many of the things I already felt an inkling of but hadn’t spoken to anyone about. At times it has been almost spooky and has left me with chills. I can trust her enough to come to her with questions about my path, whether it be in life, love or career, and she has helped to sort out many answers about all three. I have enjoyed working with her over the past few years and look forward to working with her again. I would recommend her to anyone I know..

– Kendra Coupland, Reading Circle & Private Reading, Port Coquitlam, BC

Lucca stunned me with her authenticity. She had not met me or heard anything of me and, in the first meeting at a Circle, the team and herself called me out on precisely what I do for work, how I work and encouraged me in a beautiful way. I was impressed enough in those moments that I hosted my own circle, where several of my friends and family came to hear the messages. Then I had my personal hour with her. My life has been like a country song gone backwards since! I am a healer as well but had gotten on a very exhausting cycle and was spiralling down quickly. There were a small amount of adjustments that no one I have ever worked with had seen or done aside from her. She is authentic, pure, sensitive to your soul and attunes it with grace and finesse. I am so pleased to have her in my world and it is wonderful to feel like myself again.

Sharlyne Simpkin, Reading Circle & Private Reading, Vancouver, BC

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