Power Sourcerer

I cut through what isn’t to capture what is

I am Lucca
Power Sourcerer

I travel on a laser beam of light from beyond time as we know it
to cut through what is not in alignment with your highest good
and illuminate what is.

Explore with me through my psychic readings and my niche intuitive power coaching and skill facilitation.


Psychic Readings

Personal Readings

Validation & laser-like insight into who you really are and what you are called to express in your life

Feel connected to your soul, be whole, energized and passionate

Psychic Reading Circles

Online or in-person

Magic happens in groups where we have a common purpose of empowerment

Power in Your Back Pocket

1 on 1 niche coaching for your intuition in order to access & boost your intuitive superpower

Power Circles

Build intuitive community & amp up your skill in a supportive  group setting

Speak the language of your intuitive inner voice in your professional life

12-month program in a group of 6 participants

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Lucca’s Story

Find out a little about me so you can sense whether we might be a good fit.

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Lucca’s Latest Content

Lucca’s Thoughts from the Road – Alberta in Apr 2024

Lucca’s Thoughts from the Road – Alberta in Apr 2024

Over her knitting and cups of tea, I enjoyed deep conversations about work, travels, books, change and the state of the world. I drummed, learned to make oracle cards using playing cards,
learned to make crystal trees, had my head massaged, had an aroma-massage, helped sort financial records for a tax return, cooked, ate, chatted, visited, searched for portals, did readings
and played bingo. It was a full and satisfying three weeks.

Did you know?

years of psychic readings

years of coaching

years corporate management development

years co-hosting community radio program



“Lucca inspired me in such a way that I am now living on another level, a higher level… so much so, that I finally “get it”… she opened the ceiling to the skies.”

S.O., Vancouver
psychic readings

“Finding Myself”

“Thanks to you I found my old self again. Such a relief! It feels like I have been reborn.”

M.S., Germany
psychic readings


“I highly recommend Lucca as a coach for anyone that is interested in exponential growth in their personal or business life.”

L.D., Vancouver
power in your back pocket coaching


“I can’t say enough how that helped me in so many ways, ways that I can see serving me as a tool in years to come! Thank you from the oceanic bottom of my heart.”

S.P., Vancouver
power in your back pocket coaching