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Intro to Lucca’s Blog/Pod – She Who Knows

Intro to Lucca’s Blog/Pod – She Who Knows

Learning is a life-long journey for me which means that my curiosity leads me to questions and answers for myself and my own life journey. What I learn, I turn right around and teach. In the process of teaching and sharing with you, my community, I learn even more. It’s symbiotic.

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She Who Knows

She Who Knows is the name of my weekly Blog/Pod. I share my heartfelt and useful insights from my natural curiosity and my own experiences. It’s my laser beam of vibrational light and information.

I’ve creatively named my combination of blog posts and podcasts, ‘Blog/Pod Posts’ – a symbiotic exchange and learning process between me and my edge-dwelling community. I post 2-4 times a month under four different themes. I announce my posts monthly to the folk on my mailing list. You can join it to be ‘in the know’.
  • Intergalactic – we are not alone
  • Being Psychic – reflections/tips/skill-sharing
  • Lucca’s Observations – from her life
  • Intuitive Flashes/Channeled Messages
  • Intuitive Empowerment – validation/reframing/choices/stepping up
  • Events/Virtual Events/Programs