Our Essence Across Time and Space – Part II

Our Essence Across Time and Space – Part II

In part 2, Lucca ‘unpacks’ the symbolism of her channeling so that you can be party to how she interprets it. She don’t yet have all the answers but the process is illuminating, especially if you haven’t witnessed her ‘unpacking’ a dream, daydream or a channeling.

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She Who Knows

She Who Knows is the name of my Blog/Pod. I share my heartfelt and useful insights from my natural curiosity and my own experiences. It’s my laser beam of channeled vibrational light and information.

I’ve creatively named my combination of blog posts and podcasts, ‘Blog/Pod Posts’ – a symbiotic exchange and learning process between me and my Edge-dwelling Community. I post 2-4 times a month under a variety of themes. Be ‘in the know’ about new posts by joining my mailing list. Click the button below.
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