*60m Reading $185 + 5% GST (invoiced)
*Reading Circle Participation $70 + 5% GST (invoiced)
*For both Readings and on-line Reading Circles, you can pay my regular amount or you can tell me what you would like to pay and I will invoice that amount.

Intuitive Skill-Building

For both services, either Power in Your Back Pocket Coaching or the Power Circle Program, you can book a chat to find out more.

Cancellation Policy

Readings & Reading Circles
We make our plans & life happens so, if you have to change your plans, I appreciate at least 24 hours notice for rescheduling and 48 hours for cancellation. If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice, you will not receive a refund but you may choose to have someone take your place. Simply let me know who it will be and their contact information.

Payment Options

Readings & Reading Circles
I will invoice you so that you can make payment on-line in advance of the session/event. Payment may be made by Interac email transfer (in Canada) or PayPal. The PayPal option allows you to pay with major credit cards even if you don’t have a PayPal account.

Power in Your Back Pocket & Power Circles
Our agreement will explain monthly invoicing as well as your payment options. We will discuss these in advance of your first session and on-line payment options are available to you.  

Prices are in Canadian dollars at the time of your booking. Clients booking from outside Canada can pay using PayPal.

My Rate Structure – Using Our Intuition Collaboratively

I have rolled out two new services for the duration of our virus-induced isolation and I’ve made radical changes to my rate structure. We’re all in this together and even when cash-flow gets strapped, we are still rich in talents, experience and time.

For the foreseeable future, we find ourselves in the global storm of the COVID-19 virus. Although I knew something was coming, I didn’t know that it was going to be a virus. My guides have been focused on telling me that we are entering a huge global shift, instead of telling me what would precipitate it. In fact, in my Year Ahead Channelling for 2020, they said it would hit us at the beginning of the year. January 1st came and went and I couldn’t figure out why nothing had happened! Little did I know; it was already under way.

I believe that the changes that will come about as a result of the virus are necessary and will ultimately prove to be invaluable to our humanity. Having said this, it still makes me very sad that some of us are ill and that families and communities are losing loved ones.


Rate Change as an Act of Faith

My public Ask Lucca Live weekly, mini channeled sessions are FREE – held online every Saturday at 1:30pm Pacific time. Send me your question ahead of time and I will answer it on-air on a first-come-first-served basis.

For all my services you can pay my regular price or you can tell me what amount would not create financial hardship for you.

  • For Readings and Reading Circles, I will invoice that amount
  • For my Power in Your Back Pocket – niche coaching for your intuition as well as my Power Circles, will can have a conversation about the price. During our Exploratory session, you can tell me what you can afford right now and include barter/exchange options if you have any. We’ll find what works for both of us.

Two New Services

I – Ask Lucca Live
3 Saturdays per month, I offer an Ask Lucca Live Chat online. Message me one pressing question, or just your name, and I will channel inform for you live.  Link here to explore joining our Edge-dweller Community on Patreon

II – Lucca’s Laser Beam
Lucca’s Laser Beam runs twice a month, on-line, for 45-minutes. It’s a question and answer forum – the biz/professional version of Ask Lucca Live.  Click here for more information about both of these Ask-Lucca Forums.

My Radical Rate Change as an Act of Faith

Link here for my blog post

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