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img_0296I wish I could have your intuitive counsel in my back pocket when I need it.

Power in Your Back Pocket…

You’ve landed in the right place if:

You KNOW you’re intuitive and you’d like support to start using it ~ personally and professionally

  • Your professional life involves interacting with team members, colleagues and clients, where you know that using your intuition could be a positive game-changer. We’re past the time of ‘aw shucks, I’m not really intuitive’ and we’re entering the era of, ‘If you have it, you’d better be using it because the world needs you!’
  • You want and need an intuitive expert to bounce things off and develop your skill in listening and taking appropriate action.

1 on 1 Coaching that validates and develops your ability to use your powerful intuition at work

What I do could be termed ‘psi-coaching’. When the timing is right for us to work together, and you will know when it is, the Back Pocket contract involves some aspect of your empowerment, even if you are already powerful by society’s standards. We integrate the creative and the linear aspects of your expression so that you are working from your wholeness. Your inner compass will be your intuition, which we will explore and reinforce over time.

Gain in-depth insight from my last 3 decades of psychic counsel as we enhance your awareness, help you to ‘tune in’ and learn to trust your intuition. We’ll look for patterns that reflect how your intuition is calling for your attention. We’ll validate your sense of your intuitive voice and pay attention to the existing and emerging opportunities for putting your intuition to work for you. Think of it as you being the captain of your ship and I am the ‘harbour pilot’ brought in to help you to navigate the inner waters of your intuition. I’m right there behind you; to validate your intuition, reframe scenarios that flummox you and help you to develop this valuable skill for yourself.


This is guaranteed to be a game-changer for you and your business. Put this power-booster in your back pocket and you will forever see your work scenarios through a paradigm-shifting lens that builds on your higher knowing.

Contract duration: 3 months

Private 1-on-1 sessions

* Radical rate changes for the duration of the COVID-19 situation – Find out more…

Package Options:

Power in Your Back Pocket

Total of 3 hours per month

Contracts of between 3-6 months

Scheduling: 2 90-min sessions per month

Lite Package for ongoing support and continued development…

A lighter package in terms of session hours and with the convenience of working by phone or over the internet

Total of 4.5 hours

Scheduling Options:

  1. 3 90-min sessions or
  2. a half-day
How Are the Power in Your Back Pocket Offerings Different from a Private Reading?

Quite simply, you get more! When I do a reading, I do most of the talking – with you asking a few questions for clarification. I don’t usually remember much of what I tell you. A reading is a snap-shot in time and perspective on the past and future as it pertains to that moment. It isn’t an ongoing relationship, with the continuity and ease – and this is.

I’m tracking what happens to you over time. I bring all of my skills to bear so you can utilize any of them, including my psychic abilities. I also bring life/professional coaching, management development, conflict facilitation, and counseling to the table. Any of these may be useful at any given time. A synergistic working relationship will appeal to you if you want to use your intuition in your life and professional setting. I’m right there behind you, to validate, reframe and help you to develop this valuable skill for yourself.

Next Steps

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I’ll be in touch to provide you with more information. No obligation ~ just a chat!


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