Love is…

Love is…

In Oct 2019, I began an experiment with going into a light hypnotic state and seeing what I would find. This blog post is an excerpt. Over the course of about 18 months, I repeated this process, with Jennifer Ellis as my guide. I will continue to share excerpts of this valuable and thought-provoking content over the coming months.

Love is… The feeling of love is much more complicated than the gross level at which you operate on this planet. In essence, it is the most complicated program you could imagine – not just electronic or mechanical complexity. It is ‘an element’ of love. Love is not just in your heart. It is in every cell of every living thing, including those that you consider inert, like rocks. It is a form of intelligence and intelligence is a form of love. Love is the overriding element. It is not created or destroyed – it always is.

Love creates the fetus. The fetus reproduces the cells of love from which it was created. Without love, the fetus would not be. The act of creation is love. It comes from love. It expresses love. It continues love. You cannot snuff out love. It just is. Always.

The absence of love is an evolution. There is no opposite to love. The idea of opposites is a concept of duality. You have created the concepts of evil and of hatred. They are mere distortions of love. They are not ‘wrong’ but rather, they are an ‘aspect’ of love.

Conversations with Lucca’s Intergalactic team – Oct 2019

Since I channelled this information, I have wondered what difference it makes to my daily life – my choices and decisions, minute to minute, when I think of everything in my world as coming from the ‘creativity’ of love. It might be a good conversation or journaling prompt. If everything is made of love and is created in love, then…

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