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I’m in Whitehorse & Victoria in August

WHITEHORSE, here I come!

I’m back up in Whitehorse again in the second half of August and delighted to once again offer psychic readings. This year I have a few more days because last year I had to sadly turn a few folks away.

Your 45-min session is $99.75 (price includes the GST) This special rate is only available for my time in Whitehorse.

Here are the date and time options:

Downtown Whitehorse – Aug 19th & 20th & 28th from 11am-4:45pm

Crestview (a little north of town) – Aug 31st 11am-6:45pm & Sept 1 11am-1:45pm

And here’s the link for booking: http://powersourcerer.com/appointment-booking/

*Please give me a couple of possible times, just in case your first choice is already taken.

Here’s what a Reading can do for you…

Invest 45 minutes of your time and you’ll be amazed at how useful it can be. Need a new frame on a stuck picture of yourself and your life? Done. Need validation? Done. Need straight talk? That too.

A personal psychic reading gives you the opportunity to be seen at the deepest level of your being. Clients tell me that they come away feeling validated and empowered. My aim is to help you to connect with your Higher Self, the soul part of you that is just too big to fit into your ‘Earth Suit’ – that shell that we need in order to have all the wonderful experiences that this three-dimensional life affords. But make no mistake; we are multi-dimensional beings. Let me help you to remember this in your own unique way.

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If you’re considering doing some intensive on-line coaching with me to develop your intuition (Power in Your Back Pocket),  you can take the opportunity of my being in town to set up a free Exploratory session.

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